secretsession card copy   surf camps

When: Now

Where: Good quality, uncrowded waves ..somewhere secret?

Who. 4 or 5 guests only

How . Fly in fly out from regional airport options , anywhere between Noosa and Crescent Head.

Details : Chef, surf guide/coach, photographer, luxury camping and equipment supplied.

Cost: POAIMG_3736

Thanks for a great trip, spending time with you guys seeing firsthand your passion for surfing and good food is a privilege.





Our tip: Learn from the best.

Noosa has 3 or 4 surfing schools available year round, operating off Noosa Beach. The surf school business model is usually set up for the cheap backpacker style group lesson or for anyone wanting to experience surfing as a one off.

If you are serious about learning to surf then a private surf coach is the way to go..just like when you go to the snow, having a one on one service will enable you to learn quickly and safely, ensuring your money is well spent and your time is not wasted.

For me the standing up bit is a given.. if ?? you are on the right board (big) and the surf conditions are small. Anyone can get you to your feet once or twice with the right equipment but it’s the truly experienced coaches that can take you to new levels quickly, building your style and technique foundations correctly. Then moving onto the more technical aspects of turning and riding across the waves like a pro.

We know personally all the surf coaches in Noosa and can recommend the right guy or girl for your surfing journey.

Surf conditions play a huge role in having success when you are getting started, so ensure you have flexibility with your lesson times around the best tide and surf conditions.

Where you surf it is really important, as crowded surf isn’t fun and surfing on a low tide can be dangerous for the inexperienced.

Get in contact and we will point you in the right direction, book you a lesson, hire a board or find you the perfect wave.

When surfing anywhere in the world, there is nothing like having a local guide looking out for you.



 Once again a great adventure, great waves, great food and great company. The logistics you pull together with Andy and Bodhi are exceptional, 2 epic days of waves finished with a true Secret Session, just our crew surfing left and right 3 ft glassy perfection. Surfed out after 2 days is an achievement and you and the guys make it happen consistently. Thanks again. G.E