Welcome to The Noosa Surf Guide.

Noosa has been a mecca for surfers for over 60 years. My 95 year old grandfather still shares his stories of how he drove his old Holden laden with old balsa boards to Noosa in the late 1950’s. They took on weather beaten tracks through local farmers paddocks in the hope of enjoying the promised corduroy lines at Laguna bay.

I have followed in his footsteps, enjoying the Noosa waves, lifestyle and natural beauty for over 35 years.

Today, all roads lead to Laguna Bay for either a relaxing family holiday or chasing a new summer swell coming out of the Coral Sea. With so many people now living in Noosa or making the regular journey to Noosa for holidays, this site was been designed to give you the “local’s edge”, ensuring you get the most out of your day, your surf and your stay in Noosa.

So if you are looking for a local guide in or out of the surf to introduce you to the real Noosa then reach out and we will make it happen.